Welcome to our new Blog for Wool’n’Wood. Sue and Ray have moved in more ways than one. Not just on the net, but we moved to sunny Queensland and into our own home.


This blog will grow over time as we progress with projects old and new. We hope to bring some new interests along with the old.

Its been now four weeks and we are still unpacking and sorting and well you know what its like. Moving into a new area, a whole new state with so much to do and change.

We left Sydney due to the cold only to have Queensland’s coldest winter in 20+ years starting two weeks after we arrived. That said 1C in the morning here is far better than 1C from whence we came, no more winds off the Snowy region. By 10am its 19C+ and sitting on the veranda is pleasant, working in the two bay garage/workshop is a dream I can be out there till 4 or 5pm. Its still a mess but slowly due to other jobs which require urgent attention its getting used and sorted.

Room for the family or friends to visit.

Do you like our cheeky visitor above just one of many birds that we have visit us? I spotted what I am sure was a Lyre Bird sitting up on the fence no photo, not quick enough to go back into the garage dodge about and get out again he/she was gone.

Of course our old Blog/s   will still be there.

The move I will say went well except for a near fatal flaw by the boss of the movers who decided he knew better and turned up with a truck with no tail lift. It almost became blows he hurried off and sort another rental truck with tail lift. It took 4 fellows from 9am till 3pm to fully load. The team of fellows worked almost non stop. A few more plants and doors were closed, the truck headed up the day after.


A few photos taken on our journey up.

Sue was wrecked after our long last day of loading (not that we did) she did the cleaning as the fellows cleared each room.

Then two traffic accidents as we drove away one where we spent 45mins getting past on the M4 heading west. Thanks to Belinda our daughter for her work in locating the room it was much needed. Thanks to Lyn our hostess for waiting up till 10pm for our arrival.

Well worth a weekend getaway.

These were taken at a B&B Strathearn Park Lodge Scone

The next day as we travelled north along the New England autumn made its self known in the brilliant colours.